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Location: Wyoming/Idaho/Utah border

Industry: Ranching (Angus Cattle, Sheep)

Cokeville Population: 531

Number of Churches: 4 (Catholic, Episcopal, Baptist, Mormon [2 wards])

Hostage Crisis Facts:

Location: David and Doris Young

Date of Cokeville Bombing: May 16, 1986

30th Anniversary: 2016

Hostage room size: 430 feet x 30 feet

Total Hostages: 154 (136 children, 17 teachers/staff, 1 UPS driver)

Total Survivors: 154

Total injured: 79

Total fatalities: 2(David and Doris Young)

Survivors still living: 150

Number of witnesses claiming angelic visions: 8

Number claiming divine intervention: allmost all

Cokeville Trivia:

Notable figures from Cokeville:
Minerva Teichert (Artist, Lyman Dayton (Producer/Director),
Stewart Peterson (Actor), Todd Dayton Dayton (High School Football Coach)

USA today dubbed Cokeville “Title Town” for the number of state titles (over a dozen state titles in at least 6 different sports)

In 1918 Cokeville was named “the Sheep Capital of the World”

Blondies, the only restaurant in Cokeville does not serve “Coke” but sells Pepsi products exclusively.

Among David Young’s possessions brought into the school was a well-worn copy of
Zen and the art of Motorcycle Maintenance.